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How Long Do Edibles Last?

how long will edibles last

How Long Do Edibles Last?

If you are inexperienced with cannabis edibles and interested in giving them a shot, there’s likely many questions swirling through your mind. One of the most common questions for beginner cannabis users is ‘how long do edibles last?’ Great question. Edibles are wildly different than ingesting cannabis by smoking it, and unfortunately, there’s no straight answer that explains what you can expect from your edible experience.

how long do edibles last

There are several factors that could impact the cannabis half-life when you start using edibles. These factors are dependent upon variables like your unique biology and eating patterns, as well as the type and strength of the edible. The experience varies for everyone, and easing into edibles can help ensure that you have a pleasant experience every time.

Do Edibles Stay in Your System Longer Than Smoking?

The main reason that brings this question to light is the notion that edibles last longer than cannabis when it’s smoked. There’s possibly some truth to this. When cannabis is smoked, the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream through the lungs. They are able to take effect almost immediately, usually within 15 minutes. The cannabinoids are processed by the body and can last for up to 6 hours. However, because the cannabis is absorbed quickly and immediately processed, the high from smoking may only last between 1.5-4 hours.

Edibles are absorbed much more slowly. This is because they must pass through the digestive process. Cannabinoids are not absorbed into the bloodstream until the edible is metabolized, which can sometimes take between 45 minutes and 2 hours after the edible is consumed. Then, the metabolic process releases the cannabinoids into the bloodstream slowly over a period of time. The amount of time needed for the edible to be completely metabolized changes depending on the size and type of edible and your personal metabolic rate.

By this science, you can assume that the high from edibles will onset more slowly and last longer because the cannabinoids are consistently being distributed to the bloodstream. Cannabis edibles also have the potential to last around 6 hours, and they often do.

Some people claim that the effects of cannabis edibles last even longer than that, but these effects are generally considered “afterglow effects.” They have much less impact on cognition than the peak of the high, but may still result in feelings of peace, relaxation, and euphoria for a few hours after the high has worn off.

What Affects the Duration of Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles affect everyone differently, and there are few unique factors that affect the way your body breaks down the dose each time. The amount of time that it takes for your body to metabolize the edible depends on these factors and more:

cannabis oil for edibles
  • The Type of Edible: Just like we know from our regular diet, different foods are processed at different rates by the body. If you know that you have trouble processing gluten, a cannabis brownie containing gluten may not be the best choice for you. Bread and hearty food may take slightly longer for the body to process that simple candies or gummies. The size of the edible compared to the potency is important too. Large brownies that only contain 10 mg of cannabinoids will take longer to break down than one small candy that contains 10 mg of cannabinoids.
  • The Potency of the Edible: This may seem obvious, but higher doses generally result in a longer high. This doesn’t mean that you should just take more if you want to extend the duration of the high past the average 6 hours. For some people, edibles are slightly more intense than smoking cannabis, especially the first time.
    Smoking vs edibles produces very different effects, and taking too high of an edible dose might result in mild adverse effects, like nausea, vomiting, or paranoia. Instead, start with a low dose. After 2-3 hours the high should peak, and you will be able to decide if you want to add to your dose to extend the duration of the high.
  • Your Metabolic Rate: Everyone’s metabolic rate varies greatly, depending on your overall health and existing health conditions, your regular dietary choices, how frequently you exercise, your gender, your age, and multiple other lifestyle factors. If your metabolism is very slow, you may expect your high to last slightly longer than someone with a speedy metabolism.
    Your metabolism can be impacted by personal factors, like your age or gender, as well as lifestyle factors like how frequently you exercise. Existing health conditions may also have an impact on your metabolism and your bodies ability to break down food.
  • How Recently You Ate: If you take cannabis edibles too close to a big meal, it may get processed very slowly. The edible will mix in with other food particles in the stomach and you’ll need to essentially digest the entire meal before all of the cannabinoids have entered your bloodstream.
    You might not want to take edibles on an empty stomach either. Some people find that getting high on an empty stomach causes nausea. If your edible portion is small, like candy or gummies, you might want to take it alongside a quick snack. Many people prefer using cannabis oils or edibles that can be easily added to other food items, like a THC oil drizzled over a small salad.
  • Tolerance: Research suggests that cannabis doesn’t cause a significant tolerance increase like some medications. This is one reason it may be used as an alternative to opiates, which quickly build tolerance in patients and lead to dependence. However, there may be some extent of tolerance discrepancy between regular cannabis users and beginners.
    If you haven’t ever tried cannabis or cannabis edibles before, you might need to start with a lower dose, like 5 mg. More experienced users might opt for higher doses. If you have a low tolerance to edibles, your high may last longer than someone who is experienced with cannabis and takes the same dose.

Duration of THC Edibles vs CBD Edibles

Both THC edibles and CBD edibles are popular for recreations and health-related use. The two are very different, though, mostly because THC edibles produce psychoactive effects that CBD edibles lack. Cannabidiol products still have amazing benefits, though, and the benefits of CBD lead many people to use CBD edibles throughout the day. Because of their lack of psychoactive effects, people even opt for using CBD while at work, and CBD edibles are an easy and discreet option.

cannabis candy

The difference in the duration of the effects between the two cannabinoids is very small if any. Just like THC products, the duration of the effects of CBD products will vary greatly based on the many factors listed above. Because there are no intense euphoric effects, it may be a bit more difficult to notice when the effects come to an end. For people who use cannabidiol to manage symptoms, it is usually okay to take another dose of CBD whenever you notice the effects returning. People who take CBD regularly often eventually form a routine and know how frequently they need to dose in order to maintain the benefits of the cannabinoid.

Should You Try Cannabis Edibles?

If you are interested in trying edibles but have none or little experience with cannabis, cannabis edibles still might be a good choice for you. The best way to begin to incorporate cannabis edibles is to seek your doctor’s guidance. Your doctor will be able to help ensure that cannabis edibles are safe for you. He or she may also help you identify the potential benefits for you and help you design a cannabis routine. This could include information on how to dose and how frequently to dose.

Beginners should take it slow and incorporate cannabis edibles in small amounts at first. After consumption, you should wait at least two hours to judge the effects before deciding to increase your dose. By taking it slow you’re more likely to avoid any possible adverse effects. Eventually, you will be able to find the edible dose that works best for you so that you know exactly how to dose each time. If you experience severe negative effects after using cannabis edibles, talk to your doctor. In many cases, you may just be taking too much. Adverse effects are more common in people with THC sensitivity and your doctor will be able to help you find a routine that results in a pleasurable cannabis experience.
If you’re looking for cannabis edibles for sale online, there are many options. Check out these edible candies, which feature pre-measured doses and exciting flavors. Each one is pre-packaged, which makes it easy to dose any time of the day.

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