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CBD Edible Dosage Calculator: How Much CBD Should I Take?

CBD Edible Dosage Calculator: How Much CBD Should I Take?

Whether it’s the stories of cannabis reducing inflammation that piqued your interest, or you’re searching out CBD after a doctor’s recommendation, there are many reasons why people decide to try edibles. Maybe you’re entirely new to CBD, or maybe you’ve tried other cannabidiol dosing methods before. Either way, there’s definitely a learning curve to learning to dose CBD edibles correctly.

cbd edible dosing

In fact, reactions vary from person to person, and certain health and lifestyle factors might affect how much CBD you need to get relief from your symptoms. The same factors might affect your tolerance and need to be included when deciding how much CBD you should take. Unfortunately, the lack of research makes it difficult to place any one-size-fits-all guidelines on the cannabis supplement. Potencies and formulations also vary greatly across CBD products, and the same is true for edibles. These inconsistencies sometimes confuse new users and make it difficult for them to know where to start. Don’t worry, though, because incorporating CBD into your regular routine is a lot easier than it seems. Tread the dosing road carefully and you’ll avoid taking too much, which can result in some mild, but uncomfortable side effects.

CBD Edible Dosage and Affecting Factors

Choosing a CBD edible dosage means you’ll need to consider a few biological factors, like weight, age, and gender. These factors are often used to determine the proper dosing for people during drug trials. Other factors affect how much CBD you should take as well, like how often you use CBD and what kind of CBD you’re taking. Of course, this dosing guide is specific to edibles, but if you do take other CBD products regularly you may already know a good place to start.

The dosing for every product varies, and will depend on the concentration of CBD in the product. For edibles, you have multiple options. When you buy CBD edibles online, you’ll find pre-portioned edibles, bulk edibles, and CBD add-ins. Many people prefer pre-measured doses, like CBD gummies or candies, which make it easy to take an exact dose each time without measuring.

Others prefer to have more control over their dose. Many people buy pre-made edibles in larger portions and divide them into sections. An example of this would be taking a 100mg CBD brownie and dividing it into four 25 mg doses. However, unless you use a food scale each time, this can provide inconsistent doses. Another option is to buy CBD-infused ingredients to use as add-ins, like CBD honey or peanut butter. Other people add in CBD tinctures to their favorite drinks or snacks. Some of these options make it easy to vary your dose, but can also be difficult to measure accurately and are not as portable as pre-measured CBD candies.

cbd edible dosing calculator

No matter the product you choose, pay attention to the dosing information on the package. This will help you decide how much to take after you decide on a starting dose. You can use the general dosing guidelines below for using cannabidiol alongside a healthy routine, but always talk to your doctor before using CBD to replace any medication, to treat any illness, or if you already suffer from existing chronic conditions. Also talk to your doctor before using CBD alongside other medications, or before giving CBD to children. CBD side effects are usually mild and rare, but if you notice any adverse reaction after starting cannabidiol, check with your doctor before continuing.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

It is impossible to reccomend any specific dose to any person or for any conditions due to a lack of research regarding dosing quantities and CBD’s interaction with many conditions. Many people start with very low doses and work up to higher doses to ensure that they never take too much. Dr. Dustin Sulak, founder of Integr8 Health, oversees over 8,000 medical marijuana pateints. He is an advocate of microdosing cannabis, or taking smaller doses (sometimes more frequently).

Some sources reccomend a scale between 1-5mg for every ten pounds of bodyweight. One thread shows that many people use less than 10 mg per day, while experienced users might use 10-100 mg per day. As you can see, the best dose varies wildly from person to person.

These doses may be affected by the many factors discuess above and more. In order to find a dose that works for you, you’ll need to do some introspection. Choose a low starting dose that works for you based on the following, and the check fo rthe tips that follow to help you design a dosing routine that will help you calculate the best CBD dose for you.

Weight: As a rule of thumb, people who weigh more often need slightly larger doses than people who weigh less, and the same size dose will burn off faster (due to a faster metabolism) for the person who weighs more. These differences are still small, and it may still be best to start low regardless of your weight, especially if you’ve never used cannabidiol before. Most often, medicines are dosed by weight. For cannabidiol, weight is important, but so are other lifestyle factors.

Age: Age is not as important for adults when using CBD, but may have an affect on your tolerance (discussed below). In fact, CBD may be useful for people of all ages, and may be especially useful for seniors for combating some age-related conditions. However, you should always check with a doctor before giving CBD to children or before combining CBD with other medications, regardless of age.

Gender: Again, there’s no scientific evidence to support different CBD doses for men and women, but cannabis affect’s both men and women differently. Many sources report that many drugs work differently in men and women. Often, men may need larger doses, but  this may be because of increased weight and metabolism.

Tolerance: Many experts agree that cannabis use usually results in consistently increased tolerance over time, and some experts even suggest doing “tolerance breaks” to avoid it. These are like small detox sessions where you use no cannabis or CBD products to avoid building a high tolerance to the products. Of course, it often takes longer to build a tolerance to CBD than to some other medications. If you’ve never used CBD or have only experienced it a handful of times, be sure to go it slow to see how it affects you.

CBD Dosing Tips for Beginners

After you’ve chosen a (low) starting dose, there are a few tips you can follow to help you slowly integrate and track you CBD doses. This will give you the time and visual feedback needed to increase or decrease your dose accordingly. If you’re getting started with CBD, try this:

Start Slow: Start with your low starting dose, and take it once a day for three days. Take the three days to assess how you feel before a dose and immediately after. You should also note how you feel an hour after each dose. If you do feel any effects, try to track the amount of time before they fade away.

Increase Doses Slowly: After you are adjusted and know how your chosen starting dose affects you, you can increase the dose by 1-2 mg every three days or so. Moving slowly like this will give your body time to adust to the new dose. Three days should also give you time to assess the effects of the larger dose and note any differences. You may also want to track the length of the effects. If you aren’t getting any noticeable relief from your symptoms, or the efects last less than 2-3 hours, you may need to increase your dose again.

The process is slow, but it is the best way to avoid taking too much CBD and experiencing potentially uncomfortable side effects. For many people, they may find a suitable dose after a few weeks. If using CBD daily, you may find that you need to increase your dose after 3-6 months. Using this method will help you slowly increase your dose ase needed throughout your entire CBD journey.

Know When to Stop: If you experience adverse effects after increasing your dose, that’s a sign that you’ve increased to far. These effects could include nausea, headaches, diarrhea, appetite changes, or other mild discomforts. Some people find that they need to space doses instead of increasing each dose. As an example, this could mean that instead of 50mg each morning, you may need 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the afternoon.

Record the Effects: When following this method, it may be more efficient to keep a journal or to note the effects somewhere for reference later. This is especially important if you have conditions or symptoms that vary or flare. Some people find that they don’t need the same dose of cannabidiol every day. Instead, they may have a low dose that they take regularly, and then take a second dose only as needed to manage symptoms. Tracking your dosing and the effects after each dose increase will help you decide if you need to decrease your dose or space your doses out differently. Many people take smaller doses more frequently, following a microdosing routine.

Pairing CBD and THC to Avoid Adverse Effects

cbd and thc dosing

Though it has yet to be throughly researched, many experts believe that CBD and tHC produce synergistic effects, and they may help to balance each other out. Many people who seek out CBD edibles are using them alongside their regular medical cannabis routine under the guidance of a doctor. In fact, Dr. Sulak suggests that a 30 mg dose of CBD may help counter the side effects of a 5 mg dose of THC. THC edibles are available and are a convenient option to anyone who already uses THC or who wants to combine THC and CBD to experience this synergistic effects.

Of course, THC is not for everyone and CBD edibles can be used on their own to reap the many benefits of CBD. If you are in doubt about whether CBD is right for you or are unsure about how to dose CBD, your doctor is your best resource. Check with your doctor for help choosing a CBD product and designing a healthcare routine that works best for you.

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