About - Paradise - Industry Leading Cannabis Edibles
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Creating awesome plant based solutions, giving people a higher quality of life


Educate – Use scientific research and customer testimonials informing the masses on the benefits and uses of cannabis and hemp.

Empower – Provide a solution that supports people mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Enhance – Create high end, purpose driven products that promote a high quality of life.


We, (Mike Plomgren and Katie Devoe) established Paradise in 2009, as one of the first edible companies in California. As siblings and cannabis enthusiasts, we figured out a way to turn recreation into a passion, purpose and ultimately FREEDOM!


When we started, Mike owned a hauling company. We had friends who were growers that had a surplus of trim they needed β€œhauled” away. Soon, Mike discovered that trim could be turned into butter, known as canna-butter. We researched the best form of delivery for the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Sublingual absorption was considered to be the most effective way to get the cannabinoidsin to your blood stream. As a result, candy (which can fully dissolve in your mouth) was a perfect product for optimal delivery.


Nine years in and still going strong, Paradise has a renowned reputationas a leader and innovator in the green economy. With our in-house manufacturing solutions, Paradise consistently produces millions of edibles that impact the global communities we serve.



  • Operating with integrity.
  • Formulating high quality edibles that are a gateway to paradise.
  • Creating natural, safe and healthy lifestyle products for our customers.
  • Ensuring product potency through third party lab testing.
  • Promoting cannabis & hemp benefits through education & innovation.
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