Paradise Confections is the industry’s longest standing, top manufacturer for hard candies, gummies and caramels.

We are the industry’s most trusted CBD manufacturer and the originators of the very first infused hard candy in 2009, originally serving the medical cannabis market. It was our original and delicious hard candies and caramels that put us on the map over a decade ago.

Our family business was founded on principles and values based on integrity, commitment to quality and the betterment of people’s lives.

We are as committed as ever to bringing you the best CBD edibles you’ve ever had! We use only high-quality ingredients, just like we did back then.

As true in-house manufacturers, we formulate and produce medicinal tinctures, lozenges, gummies, caramels and other edibles that aid the treatment of chronic pain and illness and everyday supplement support.
Our health and wellness hemp solutions give people a higher quality of life, and we are committed to educating consumers on what makes a superior CBD product and on promoting the benefits of hemp.

At Paradise, we still manufacture with pharmaceutical-grade standards in mind and have a reputation for excellence in everything we do.

Our products come in various types, strengths and flavors. Many are vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free, meeting the needs of all our customers.

Our products are independently tested for potency, quality and consistency through every step of the manufacturing process, from seed to sale. Our passion has become our business.

One taste takes you to paradise!

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To create a higher quality of life through purpose-driven, plant-based products.


  • Operating with integrity.
  • Formulating high quality edibles that are a gateway to paradise.
  • Creating natural, safe and healthy lifestyle products for our customers.
  • Ensuring product potency through third party lab testing.
  • Promoting cannabis & hemp benefits through education & innovation.


Produce innovative, superior cannabis and hemp products while operating as a responsible corporate citizen with the highest level of integrity, from seed to sale.