Mike Plomgren and Katie Devoe are the founders of Paradise.

We are a brother and sister entrepreneurial duo that established Paradise in 2009 as one of the first edible companies in California serving the medical cannabis community.

We are now industry experts with over a decade of industry manufacturing and formulating experience. Our journey to become one of the longest and most trusted manufacturers in the industry has always been based on honesty, integrity and transparency.


We have always had entrepreneurial mindsets and Mike originally owned a hauling company before we entered the cannabis and hemp world. Mike had a brilliant idea after he was hired by friends who were cannabis growers to haul away a surplus of what they thought was unusable trim.

We discovered that even flower trim, which was grown organically, also had medical benefits and could be turned into butter, known as cannabutter. At that time, it was a novel idea. We got excited at the idea of helping people as much as the plant has helped to heal us.

We began to research the healing benefits of cannabis and the best form of delivery. We quickly learned that sublingual absorption was one of the most effective and fastest ways to infuse the cannabinoids into the blood stream, especially for those who do not like to smoke. As a result, candy (which can fully dissolve in your mouth) seemed like a perfect product for optimal, sublingual delivery.

So, we took to the kitchen and starting formulating recipes. We eventually got it right and invented the first-ever cannabis-infused candy in 2009.

It was truly groundbreaking. We were first-to-market with the hard candy, and not long after the candies really took off and became a best seller in cannabis medical dispensaries throughout California. Paradise was born.

So, our passion became our business. As siblings and cannabis enthusiasts, we have always believed in the healing power of the  plants. We figured out a way to turn our passion into a purpose and have always been committed to helping others the way the plants have helped us.

By 2012, the Paradise brand was well-known throughout the medical cannabis industry. We have always been committed to innovating and discovering new ways that the plant medicine can help heal.

In 2012, when CBD became more known as a cannabinoid, we took our successful recipes and applied it to CBD. We were also the first to create an infused CBD candy and caramel, which quickly expanded to a full suite of products, from candy to tinctures, gummies, oils and more.


Ten years and still going strong, we have grown Paradise and become a renowned reputation as a leader and innovator. We consistently produce millions of edibles that serve a national community of people who are benefiting.

Our goal is to support the legitimization of this industry with credible and quality products.

Our underlying mission has always been to bring the best products to mass market made with high-quality ingredients and to do business with integrity and commitment to the plant’s potential of healing for the world.

As a family owned business, we wouldn’t have it any other way.